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Prerequisite RPMS for AIX

The needed runtime RPMs from IBM's AIX Toolbox are basically the same packages as for IBM's Firefox 3.0.7 for AIX 5.3TL6 64bit but many more machines are supported with 32bit. Don't try to run Firefox with less than 256MB RAM. 512MB recommended. A TrueColour visual display is mandatory.

 gettext-0.10.40 or gettext-0.10.39 for AIX 4.3.3
 xft-2.1.10, xft-2.1.6 works at runtime

For AIX 4.3.3 you can use my bundled runtime RPMS and development RPMS. Those RPMs you don't find in the bundles are from IBM's AIX Toolbox.

For AIX 5.1 or later you can use the RPMS from or use the latest RPMS for AIX 5.1 from IBM's AIX Toolbox plus the updates I provide here. Additionally you'll need atk, pango, glib2 and gtk2 RPMS from Groupe Bull Freeware for AIX. This RPMS provide 32 and 64bit runtime compatibility.
If you are on AIX 5.2 or later you can use the latest RPMS provided by IBM with Firefox 3.0.7 for AIX 5.3. Attention: some revisions are missing 32bit compatibility, fixed packages are dated later than Dec 11 2009.

Firefox 3 for AIX 4.3.3 is compiled on AIX 4.3.3 ML11 with IBM VisualAge C++ 6.0 with Fixpack April 2007.
Firefox 3 for AIX 5L is compiled on AIX 5.1 ML9 with IBM XLC/C++ 7.0 with July 2007 Fixpack.
The minimum version for the xlC.aix43.rte C++ shared lib is This is the final version for AIX 4.3.
The minimum version for the xlC.aix50.rte C++ shared lib is Using any later version is o.k.

You'll also need the Unicode TrueType Fonts installed in your X Server's fontpath.
and the URW Fonts from AIX Toolbox

If your font rendering in Firefox seems broken or missing blank spaces follow the instructions on Michael Perzl's gkt2 download page.  

Dec, 27 2009

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